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Dogtobersculpt Completed

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It’s been a few days since I finished my Dogtobersculpt challenge. I am so pleased that I got all the way through it, and if I’m being really honest I miss it!

Before I started this I had never really done any relief sculpture and it was a pretty steep learning curve. It’s a slightly different way of thinking to sculpting in the round and just needed a little adjustment in my head.

At the beginning of the challenge I had to really think about what I was doing and the decisions were large at the front of my head, I could tell every little decision I was making. But as I have gone through the challenge and sculpted more relief portraits it has become more of an instinctive response. My hands are responding without me having to think too hard about it.

It flows so much easier. The decisions I am making are not at the front of my brain where I would be aware of them. They have moved and I am not so aware of thinking about what I need to do I am just doing it.


'St Bernard' relief dog portrait sculpture. Bronze effect. Jutta M Stiller - A Sculptor's Tails. ©2015

‘St Bernard’ relief dog portrait sculpture. Bronze effect. Jutta M Stiller – A Sculptor’s Tails. ©2015

One thing this challenge has really brought to the fore for me is just how many different dog breeds there are out there and how many I have never even heard of! It was great fun looking them up and really difficult to pick which ones to sculpt.

I have so enjoyed sculpting all the different breeds that I chose or I was asked to sculpt. And I feel that I have barely scratched the surface with all the different breeds. I am not certain how to take this forward but I am hatching a bit of a plan. I’ll let you know once I have worked out the details.

If you would like to see all the Dogtobersculpt portraits you can see them here on the Dogtobersculpt Gallery page. These relief dog portraits are available for sale and you can see more details here.


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