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Am I a Cockerspanielaholic or do I own a Cocker?

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I think that those are the two questions I have been asked the most since I started dog sculpting. Strangely the answer to both is no.

You may be wondering why I have been asked this so often. Whilst the website might give you a bit of a clue, if you saw my stand at a dog show last year you would know the answer. It was full of Cocker Spaniels! Especially towards the very last couple of shows I did.

At first thought that may seem a little mad. But give me the time to explain my reasoning behind it and I feel it will make a lot more sense. Or at least I hope it will!

This whole thing (the dog sculpting business) started when I was commissioned to sculpt a couple of Cocker Spaniels to be cast as bronzes for a 50th birthday gift. I was so very pleased with the way that they turned out that I decided to take the clay sculpts out to a dog show to see what people thought of them. To see if there was any interest from anyone else in having their dog sculpted. I got a lot of positive feedback and decided to step further into this.

To start with I only had those two clay sculpts, I realised I needed to have some more work to show. I also realised from talking to people that it would be better to have a range of work at different prices, bronzes are beautiful but not everyone can afford one.

The long and short of it is that when I realised I needed more of a range of work I also realised that I needed to have samples for each of the various products I wanted to offer. I decided that the easiest way to show a good comparison between the various products would be to use one dog as a prototype for all of them. After obtaining the permission of my client to use the photos I had, I did just that.

So yes I am completely surrounded by Cocker Spaniels right now but that will change over time as I sculpt more dogs and more breeds of dog. In fact I have already started this with the dogtobersculpt project which has given me quite a few relief sculptures and I have a few ideas about which breeds to do next for the busts.

My stand at my last show of the year at the Dogs Trust Canterbury Christmas Fair